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      jiao yang magnetic soft screen door

      About fake website statement anhui sun soft door co., LTD

      Author:ANHUI JIAOYANG SOFT DOOR CO LTD Source:home station  Release time:2016-03-15  Page view:2615


      Recently found that criminals counterfeiting anhui sun soft door in the name of the company, personal contact information, the illegal profit. Now statement, anhui sun soft door co., LTD., the only official website www.jiaoy1.com, tel 0558-8809344, 0558-8818520. E-mail: jiaoy88@163.com, any other contact information are fake, anhui sun soft door co., LTD always adhere to the quality strives for the survival, please contact some customers don't fake, so as not to bring their own losses.





      Address:Anhui County, Bozhou City, Lixin Industrial Park, science and technology road, No. 6