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      jiao yang magnetic soft screen door

      Baidu encyclopedia of sun screen door

      Author:ANHUI JIAOYANG SOFT DOOR CO LTD Source:home station  Release time:2016-03-15  Page view:2410


      From baidu search bar enter the magnetic screen door, you can see.
      Magnetic screen door
      The patent number: 200720071717
      The international classification number: 9/52, 19/16 E05C E06B
      "Please (patent) : Li Chuantao (anhui) filing period: 2007/06/27
      Function: prevent midge fly
      Advantage: snap closure, installation disassembly is concise, easy to use, environmental protection, and safe
      Units: set of
      Hardness: 10 (HRR)
      Category: magnetic magnetic screen door, magnetic screen door magnetic, magnetic buckle magnetic screen door
      Ⅹ specification: 90 cm, 210 cm
      Color: pink, sky blue, yellow, coffee, light green, etc
      Scope of application: widely used, doors, bedroom, balcony, restaurant, hotel, office, hospitals and other places.
      Traditional wooden screen door of updated products.
      A new generation of anti-mosquito magnetic soft gauze curtain ?





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