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      jiao yang magnetic soft screen door

      The leadership of the provincial finance department in August 12, 2013 to visit our company

      Author:ANHUI JIAOYANG SOFT DOOR CO LTD Source:home station  Release time:2016-03-07  Page view:720


      2013 magnetic soft screen door is composed of what parts? A lot of customers often ask: your curtain is composed of what parts, that is, of course, some novice, the composition of the main idea ask combined packing, in 2013 the sun magnetic soft screen door is composed of packing bag, a bag of bubble nail, a curtain, which curtain door and curtain has sewing together, the magnetic stripe block or bird buckle also has been assembled to the inside to the. This is 2013 Sun Yang magnetic soft screen door has the packing, the screen door on the market right now and many of the basic composition is a packaging bag, a bag of nails and a door, two door curtain, a group of magnetic block, two magnetic stripes and very scattered. This is very troublesome for installation, so our factory will introduce new every year, for better service and innovation.





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