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      jiao yang magnetic soft screen door

      Bozhou television interview with Mr Li Chuantao video

      Author:ANHUI JIAOYANG SOFT DOOR CO LTD Source:home station  Release time:2016-03-15  Page view:1804


      http://www.bzscw.com/bztv/spdb/20070101/092942.shtml video link in October 2007, 30 (video)
      Mr Li Chuantao on the 4th china-asean expo bozhou television interview, "bozhou news broadcast" also in the case of programs broadcast in the exhibition site.
      Bozhou TV news links: asean expo

      The 2007-10-30 reading: 15 source: author: wang Li-na zhai Zhao Huaguang editor:
      China - asean expo by China, brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and other economic and trade departments of 10 asean countries and asean secretariat, the guangxi zhuang autonomous region people's government to undertake the national and international economic and trade exchange event, held each year in guangxi nanning, China and the east





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